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Christian Faith and Sexuality.

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Few issues cause so much controversy and confusion in the church today than the issues of sexuality and sexual ethics. If you have difficulty discussing issues like this, or find them extremely upsetting, you might wish to stay off this page. You will find several controversial topics that are mentioned here, and you are likely to encounter points of view you will not agree with. Relax. Trust God. You’re okay. Just think about it. (That’s all that’s being asked of you.)

Because the Wesleyan approach to the Christian life speaks of the possibility of a the life of Perfect Love, I believe that a Wesleyan approach to the issue yields some important insights. Human nature is not inherently sinful just for being human. It is the power of love (devotion to God’s will and devotion to the best interests of others) that frees us from our sinfulness. This alone, and not legalisms, can set the heart free from its (otherwise) sinful intentions.

We do not need to be ashamed of our sexuality or our gender identity. But, the Christian faith has always upheld a high standard (a strict standard?) for sexual morality — only clearly affirming the sexual act within the confines of the marriage of a man and a woman. What does that mean for the many and various issues of sexual morality that are raised today?

I’m not absolutely sure I know. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t have some opinions.

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