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Things Are Looking Better Today.

Thanks to Jason Wiser of things are looking better at the main part of this site today.

Several pages, including this one, were broken due to an “http” vs. “https” issue. The only broken pages I have found have been on the main part of the site — the (numerous!) Holiness Books pages appear to be okay.

Frankly, I had fallen into such a funk, I not only had no desire to write, I also didn’t have much desire to fix things.

I’ve been thinking about doing some writing again — or updating some of the older posts on this blog — and fixing the broken pages therefore became necessary.

Now I’m not embarrassed to link to my old posts on this blog.

If, in clicking around, you find any broken pages (pages not displaying properly) let me know and I’ll fix them.


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  1. Craig L. Adams February 17, 2017 / 9:37 am

    Clicking around myself, I find several pages that need fixing. However, I will not be able to work on that till sometime next week.

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