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Building Bridges About [Homo]sexuality – Videos

9418123Since I’m posting lengthy videos lately, I will now add these. The presentations  below are very similar to the ones I posted previously here: Transforming the Christian Conversation on Homosexuality. These are also videos that feature Justin Lee and Ron Belgau. The previously posted videos record their presentations at Pepperdine University in 2012. The ones I am posting today are the record of their more recent presentations at Seattle Pacific University and at Pepperdine in April of this year. The content is similar but it is presented a little differently.

The presentations are different enough that many people may want to watch them all.

Again, the goal is not necessarily to convince anyone of anything — it is not propaganda presented to change anyone’s mind. The goal of these presentations is to deepen our understanding of one another and to deepen our understanding of the issue. Or, to put it another way: the goal of these presentations is to build bridges between people who disagree on the morality of same-gender sex.

In her May 4th, 2014 Sunday Superlatives Rachel Held Evans lists this as “Best Dialogue.”

Here Justin & Ron introduce themselves and talk about their experience of their sexuality. They also spell out their differences of opinion on this subject. Ron says: “The SPU presentation came just a few weeks after a similar presentation at Pepperdine. At SPU, we did the whole presentation in a single evening. At Pepperdine, the presentation was spread over two nights.” And, Justin writes: “… for those of you who have always wanted to hear me make a passionate argument for my side, drawing on history and Scripture — followed by a passionate but gracious rebuttal from the other side — here’s your chance, because last week I made that argument in a way I’ve never made it before.” Questions and Answers follow.

This video runs for a little more than 2 hours, so you will need to set aside some time for it.


In this second video, Ron & Justin are joined by theologian Richard Mouw, former president of Fuller Theological Seminary and author of many books. This presentation was given at Pepperdine University — sometime before the one above. Dr. Mouw begins the conversation by talking about the nature and importance of a convicted civility. Ron says: “At Pepperdine, we both focused on Romans 1, while the argument at SPU is more general. At SPU, Justin spent more time talking about parallels between theological arguments about slavery in the years leading up to the Civil War and about homosexuality today. And, of course, Richard Mouw made some really interesting contributions to the conversation at Pepperdine.”


HT: Ron Belgau.


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